Swimming and Wellness
The search for places to relax, the desire to be in good physical shape, and the need for spiritual health as well all play an important role in the life of modern society.
The spa and fitness sector is becoming more and more popular each day, and swimming pools and water parks are enjoying economic prosperity at the current time.
Society has changed its attitude towards health, and the amount of individual responsibility for one’s health is increasing. This has been a main reason for the boom in the spa and fitness sector.
Architectural designs using water, heat and light have led architects to be able to implement their ideas at a high technological level in the sphere of qua-tectonics.
Water parks and fitness centers have to meet especially high building requirements due to their intensive use. At the same time architects must take into account not only the cost of the construction work but also profitability when using the building.
All of the above reasons mean that architects need to have strong professional knowledge in the sphere of planning water spaces.